Let us be your one-stop specialist in the design and installation of an efficient and fully code compliant Hood and Fire suppression system.  We are experienced and actually conduct perodic training for Fire Marshals. Our goal is to give you peace of mind that we will get it right the first time, so make sure you bring us in early to eliminate costly mistakes and delays due to designs that are less than fully code compliant.


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Fire PROTECTION What does it mean to your business? EVERYTHING!
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Save Money by Getting it Right the First Time

We help you get it right the first time which can prevent costly rework and delays.  We also design systems which are energy efficient and take into consideration cleaning and maintenance.  Many times service technicians are not adequately trained as required once the system is installed.  The hood system is all about you're bottom line. With the high cost of rent, utilities, and equipment its critical to have a properly trained, certified and qualified company.  Mistakes in layout, design, and installation can be very expensive over the long run. We do not have hidden cost and will provide you a fixed price quote.