Our trained and certified technicians are available to service and inspect all fire suppression systems. We design, sell, and install new or upgraded kitchen exhaust and fire suppression systems custom made for your needs.

Hood Cleaning

Our trained and certified technicians will clean your system according to NFPA96 standards. Your equipment is wrapped to prevent water and chemical leakage.   We clean all accessible areas using state-of-the-art hot water high pressured equipment, chemical degreasers, and hand scraping if needed to insure the very best results possible. After hours appointments & detailed service reports on every job.

Fire Estinguishers

Priority Fire Protection, LLC  sells, installs, inspects and services a wide variety of portable fire extinguishers. Portable extinguishers are often the first line of defense in extinguishing fires, saving lives and protecting property. Portable extinguishers come in all shapes and sizes and are used in many different applications. The most common type of portable fire extinguisher is the "ABC" fire extinguisher - a multi-purpose dry chemical extinguisher used to fight the following types of fires: A - Common combustibles such as wood, paper, cloth, etc. B - Flammable liquids and gases such as gasoline, propane and chemical solvents. C - Electrical equipment such as computers, servers and fax machines. Other common classes of portable fire extinguishers include: CO2 - Used for fighting fires involving electrical equipment and flammable liquids Halotron - Ideal for use in protecting certain special hazard areas such as computer and server areas, telecommunications equipment and high-tech "clean" rooms. Class K - Used in various cooking applications to protect against fires caused by cooking oils and fats.

Emergency Exits

Emergency Exit Lighting Inspections and Repairs

Other Services

Alarm Testing & Inspection Sprinkler Testing & Inspection Exhaust Fans & Hinge Kits Grease Containment Systems Equipment Rental for Do-It-Yourself Cleaning
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